Nick at sunrise the day after his birthday.

A group of our friends all decided to head down to Baja for the long President’s weekend.  Some of them were able to leave Wednesday or Thursday, we left Friday morning in front of all the impending weekend rainy weather.  We stopped at the usual place to get Mexican insurance and discovered a new restaurant next door that was quite good.  After meeting up with another car of travelers for this weekend adventure we crossed the border and into Mexicali.  We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the highway,Mex5, since the last time we traveled it in 2009.  However there were some sections under construction to install new culverts forcing traffic onto the dirt.

We safely arrived at Coloradito with a short time to visit, take the dogs on a quick walk on the beach before heading to the poblado for dinner and Roy Houston’s lecture on the formation of the Gulf and its biodiversity.  The lecture was well attended by many of us alumni and families of alumni.  In conjunction with the lecture was a scheduled intertidal walk the next morning.  We awoke to a rainbow created by the storms up to the north pushing over the mountains.  Unfortunately the high winds and scattered showers scared away all but the most hardcore tidepoolers for the intertidal walk.  The weather didn’t keep us from finding some interesting nudibranchs and other marine life.  A unique feature of the intertidal areas at Coloradito is a series of fissures where hot, ~130ºF, mineralized water bubbles up to the surface.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, an acupuncture clinic, a great dinner with friends and an awesome sunrise.

The trip home was longer than expected between discovering a flat tire as we left camp, a wrong turn in Mexicali during Monday rush hour and a 2.5 hour wait at the border.  After the requisite dinner at In-N-Out we headed over the mountains and through the clouds that were sitting on the mountain tops providing almost white-out conditions a few times.  We got home with 2 exhausted dogs, some sand, great memories and these photos which you can see in the gallery below.

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