Here there be Goblins

Light painting on the goblins

We headed northward from Bryce to a great little Utah state park called Goblin Valley.  Scifi geeks will recognize it from the movie Galaxy Quest.  Instead of the towering hoodoos of Bryce, it has short, squat rounded ones that are called goblins. Summer may not be the best time to visit, it can be extremely hot and the wind was in the 20 mph range when we arrived.  Many campers were packing it up as their tents were flattened by the gusts.  The camp sites all have 2-sided, covered shelters so we hung a tarp to form a third side to wait out the wind and heat before dropping the r-pod.  When it finally cooled down a little we set up our camp and took the girls for a walk/climb of the surrounding rock formations.

Once it was completely dark, we headed over to the basin where the goblins are gathered, to do some light painting.  My theory of why the goblins turn to stone is because of the bugs.  They are a little bigger than no-see-ums and they bite but it isn’t till a couple days later that the bites swell, blister and itch.
Our reason for returning to Goblin Valley this year was to hike Little Wild Horse Canyon trail.  It is a slot canyon that was so narrow at times K’Ehleyr had to scramble to squeeze through especially with her water pack.  Agility dog Varel had no problems of course.
Next stop Flaming Gorge.

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One thought on “Here there be Goblins

  1. Really cool canyons would love to see it up close and personal. Those bugs sound like what bit me, never saw the dang things and the next thing I know is my arm is swollen with blister like bumps itching and hurting like crazy. Do you know what kind of bug it is? Anyway love the pictures. Safe journey home

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