Colorado River Crossing Balloon Rally

The Colorado River Crossing Balloon Rally is always the third weekend of November.  The idea is to launch in Yuma, Arizona and cross the Colorado River into California.  For years this rarely happened, we usually flew towards Mexico.  A few years ago the launch site location was changed and river crossings seem to be more frequent.

This year the media day was beautiful, so we heard, but the Saturday was a bit gusty and questionable for most pilots so only a couple of balloons took off into the gray skies.  For any rally the biggest public draw is the glow and Yuma is no different.  They have vendor booths, a tissue paper balloon competition and tethered balloon rides in addition to the glow.  I went a little Spider Pig picture crazy during the glow, but hey, it’s Spider Pig.

Sunday was a get up and down quick sort of morning for flying.  Ernie flew to the Target and just to prove it to the scoring officials I took a picture.  While amused, they only counted the balloons that flew to the X.  If you need something to do the 3rd week of November think about Yuma.  The community always shows their support with good food and fun times.

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