“The Shot”

Scripps Pier, La Jolla, CA

For those of you that follow nature photographers or live in the San Diego area, you are probably aware of or have seen images of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography pier from between the pilings similar to the one I took above.  Peter Lik has an awesome photograph that I couldn’t take my eyes off of at his La Jolla gallery and William Neill posted both sunrise and sunset versions which he took while on vacation with his family.   I was there a few days ago to try again at getting a shot I was happy with when another photog came over and planted his tripod, he was in town from Boston doing a commercial shoot and since he was nearby he thought that he would try to get “the shot”, as he called it.  Having lived here and even worked on the pier for years I never thought about it being a specific photo destination for someone.  After shooting for a while and not wanting to be in the way of the other photographer since I can come back anytime and he can’t, I moved off to the side.   That is when I got “my shot”.   Sometimes we need to take our tripods out of the holes worn by others and make a scene our own.

Scripps Pier, La Jolla, CA


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