Baja California treefrog

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Baja California treefrog
I spent a good part of Sunday morning photographing this little guy.  When I was in college it was called a Pacific treefrog, Hyla regilla, but since taxonomists like to continually tax my ability to learn new names it is now called a Baja California treefrog, Pseudacris hypochondriaca hypochondriaca.  In 2006 things became more confusing when the species was divided into 3 species.  This sub-species occurs in southern California with the other sub-species, P. h. curt, is found in Baja California.
The photo sitting began with finding the one gap in the container and jumping out to take a tour of the dining room table.  Once the tour was over, he, or she, we had a don’t ask- don’t tell agreement, became camera shy.  Eventually he warmed up to the large black object and flashing lights in the face to be a mostly cooperative model.
This link will let you hear what this frog sounds like.   frog call
Taxonomy: Class Amphibia, Order Anura, Family Hylidae

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