San Diego County Fair


The artist opening for participants of the SD fair was held last night.  This is when people get to learn if their entries were awarded any prizes.  I had 4 entries in the fair this year, the above entry in the black and white category got first prize.


This photograph of a Protea took second in the flowers category.  My other flower entry was a Sego Lily.

Sego Lily

I had trouble finding my final submission because I didn’t recognize it at first since it was hanging upside-down!  It was in the waterscape category which had a large selection of excellent images.  I wasn’t completely happy with the printed version of the photo, it came out a bit dark compared with what you see here.


So if you’re at the fair and need a break from the rides and dust check out the photographs.  Don’t forget to stop by the cell phone photos to see Ernie’s shot of Varel from the balloon.

Flying Dane


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