Ballooning over Jackson Hole, WY
Ballooning over Jackson Hole, WY

Summer 2012 trip stats:

  • 66 days on the road
  • 8475 miles driven
  • 11 states travelled through: AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, NE, NV, OR, SD, UT, WY
  • 7 balloon rallies attended
  • 16 flights, 6 glows or candlesticks, 1 inflation without flying
  • 5 states flown in: CA, CO, ID, UT, WY
  • 13 national parks, monuments, historic sites or reserves visited
  • 5 bags = 150 lbs. of dog food consumed
  • 1 broken balloon basket upright pole
  • 1 blown out tire (trailer)
  • 2 warped brake rotors (truck)
  • lots of McGyver fixes on the trailer
  • 36.64 GB of photos taken and in need of editing
  • lots of visits with old and new friends

2 thoughts on “Back in San Diego

  1. WOW
    You didn’t make note of the wear and tear on the bodies of Jenny and Ernie….lost lbs, ….sunburn…lost hair…sore backs… bruses…..I guess no broken bones….thats good….

    1. Well we did get a little sunburned, lots of bug bites, pulled ticks off the dogs, I got some blisters from my re-soled boots (I won’t waste money on that again) and we don’t own a scale so I can’t confirm any weight change.

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