Wyoming balloon rallies

Riverton RendezvousWyoming has 3 summer rallies back to back weekends starting with Riverton, then Casper and Cody.  We attended the Riverton Rendezvous last year and this year added the Casper Balloon Roundup to the list.  Unfortunately Riverton’s flights were all cancelled because of unstable and windy conditions for only the second time in the 31 years of the rally.  A few balloon did get to stand up on the field to please the crowds before the fast upper winds came down to the surface.  We also pulled off a short candlestick on main street adding to a lightning show before a downpour sent everyone scrambling for cover.  Typically the glow is winded out and turned into a candlestick event but this year there was a small window of calm winds while careful watch was kept on a storm cell to the north allowing for a few balloons to glow.

Varel and Bellestar

Humpty Dumpty

Riverton Rendezvous glow

Riverton Rendezvous glow

Casper is known to be one of the windiest cities so you wouldn’t expect them to be able to have a balloon rally but it is surprisingly calm in the mornings.  Two of the 3 days were flyable.  The North Platt River runs through Casper giving pilots and crew the opportunity for a leisurely float in the afternoon, with a little thunder and rapids thrown in for excitement.

Casper balloon roundup

North Platte River

Storm? What storm?

North Platte River


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