Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Highway, Logan Pass

Logan Pass

Even in July it is common to still find snow at the top of Logan Pass on the Going to the Sun Road.

Glacier National Park did not get it’s name because it contains glaciers but because it was formed by glaciers.  Examination of maps and photographs concluded that there were at least 150 glaciers in the park during the 19th century.  As of the 2010 survey data there are currently 37 remaining glaciers and 25 of those are considered active glaciers of 25 acres or larger.  If the current trend continues all the remaining glaciers will be gone from the park by 2020 with unclear affects on the cold water dependent plant and animal species.

Some of the common species visitors will see are Bighorn sheep, mountain goats and bear grass.

Scattered around the park are 200 waterfalls.


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