Page, Arizona 2013 Hot Air Balloon Regatta

Page balloon regatta

Many, many years ago we attended the balloon rally in Page, AZ in its previous life as the Lake Powell Aire Affaire.  The rally would put the pilots up at the Wahweap Lodge and allowed flights over the lake, they even had a barge ready for any island rescues which was lucky for us but in our defense we were just following the balloon-meister.  Things have changed for the rally, it has moved from spring to fall, flights over the lake are not encouraged and the pilots are housed at various hotels throughout town.  We attended the rally in its current form for the first time this year.  The town of Page is extremely welcoming to the balloons and launches are allowed and even encouraged at just about anywhere in and around town.  While there is an official launch site most pilots choose to launch from the grass at the city park, at schools or in parking lots.  Spectators of the event get to enjoy seeing balloons rising from all over the city.  The most popular event of the rally for the city is the balloon glow down the center of Lake Powell Blvd. with vendors lining the sidewalks.

Nearby attractions include Horseshoe Bend which is a short hike and is best viewed at dawn but since that is when we are flying we had to settle for late afternoon.  Also Antelope canyon is a must see, it can be toured by boat part of the way but the more interesting sections are the upper and lower slots for which you need to hire  a tour guide to take you to.


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