Fine art cards

fine art photography cards

I would like to announce a new product I’m offering, handmade, fine art note cards.  These are 5½ x4¼, deckled edged blank cards with a matching deckled edged envelope.  I attach a small photograph gilded with gold or silver to the front of the card.

To remain true to my lifestyle choices, the cards are made from 30% recycled content by a Green Seal Certified US paper mill which uses wind power to generate 100% of the electricity used in paper production. The envelopes are 100% recycled material with 15% being post consumer waste and the protective bag is made from a plant-based material and is certified compostable.  I think they are about as green as I can make them and still retain a high level of quality.

fine art photography cards

I am selling them online through my market at SquareUp or, as always, you can always contact me directly.  I would love to hear some feedback on what you think or any suggestions you might have.


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