Seven balloon rallies and a wedding


I’m a little late getting started on our trip blogs but we had a slow and rocky start for the summer trip. You would think by now we would be a bit more organized for these trips, but not this year. Modifications and repairs to the trailer got started late due to the old conundrum of time and little money followed by money and little time. We picked up the trailer the evening before leaving town with its new bike rack and I added the final new shelf the day we left. We stopped for a late lunch at the new In-n-Out Burger in Encinitas, and were on the way out of San Diego at the bright and early time of 5 PM. We made it to Mohave Narrows late, tired and hungry and found the campground closed. Luckily some campers came out the gate and stopped to warn us of some coyotes nearby which was probably why K’Ehleyr kept dragging me back to the truck. We asked about camping and they told us how to get in and we would just pay on the way out the next morning. We were on the road by 9 AM giving us what we thought would be plenty of time to make it to Salina by 6 PM. Seventy-five miles down the road the tread peals off the a trailer tire and the fender goes with it along with the new fender lights which the trailer was at the repair place for 5 weeks to finish. We did have a tree to offer shade while we changed the tire, which luckily had not gone flat, then got back on the freeway to creep along with the rest of traffic left over from a fiery accident and trying to keep from over-heating. Discount Tire near Vegas came to the rescue with 2 new trailer tires and we were on the way out of Vegas by 4PM, clearly we were not going to make it in before check-in ended at 8PM, in fact it was midnight but we made it.
Up next the first of our 7 rallies, Eyes to the Sky in Salina, UT.


One thought on “Seven balloon rallies and a wedding

  1. Thank you for your “blow by blow” episode ….I do mean “blow”… sounds like a soap opera.I hope the rest of the vacation is more pleasant

    love DAD

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