2015 Desk Calendars

As I do every year I’m offering desk calendars.  If you are not familiar with them they are special CD-cases which are designed with a lid that flips all the way around to form a stand.  I have 2 different themes this year, hot air balloons and nature.  The balloon photos are from many of the places we travel throughout the year so if you have been at a rally with us there is a fair chance your balloon is in it.

The nature photos include landscapes, wildlife and flowers.


I have kept last year’s prices: Case and calendar is $9 and just a refill calendar (no case) is $6.50 plus CA sales tax as well.  I have been asked about volume pricing but I have had no luck finding a place to press print them at a reasonable price so they are all printed and cut by me so I have to keep the prices the same for each.


2 thoughts on “2015 Desk Calendars

  1. Hi Jenny, I would love to purchase a couple of the nature calendars.  How can I get the $$ to you? Hope all is well in CA!  I’ve been busy with work and some other travel but hope I can get to CA more often in 2015 to crew with you and Ernie.  What’s the next festival for the two of you? Teri

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