The benefits of experimentation

Echoes at dog beach

sunset, beach, panning, long exposure

I set out to just do some long exposures of the water at sunset but there were a bunch of dogs down at the beach and I love shooting dogs but that wasn’t working well in the low light so I gave up and went back to my original intentions. When I was shooting faster to capture the moving dogs I was creating silhouettes but as I slowed the shutter speed down to 0.5sec, which all 3 of this are, the people/dogs started to get overexposed and now blended in, especially if they were moving.  I kind of liked the effect but wanted to try to capture a moving dog at the same time so I started panning during the exposure, all on a tripod of course.
Post processing I did in Aperture, increases in saturation and vibrancy, slight curve, brightened some of the shadows and cropping and straightening because I can never get a horizon straight even with a tripod.

sunset, beach, panning, long exposure


sunset, beach, panning, long exposure

Don’t be afraid to experiment and if it isn’t working try something else.  Even if I hadn’t come back with any photos I liked I spent some relaxing time on the beach at sunset watching dogs play, how bad can that be?

If you don’t have a  post-processing program Macphun is offering one of their programs for free right now, Mac users only though.  Click here for the link.




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