The value of critique


crew silhouette, aviation, balloon

Final version after making improvements learned during my critique

The best way to improve your photography is through critiques.  I don’t mean how many ‘likes’ or ‘+’s’ you can get from social media but actual constructive criticism by other photographers.  There are many ways to find this sort of help, formal photography classes, paid portfolio reviews, camera clubs, online forums or working with a mentor either in person or online.  Traditionally skills were passed from a master to an apprentice, a  new incarnation of this age-old system is called The Arcanum.  Not only do you get the support and experience of a mentor but you also work alongside fellow apprentices in a group called a cohort.

The above photo is the product of working with Don Komarechka and my cohort members.  The assignment was to take a silhouette photo.  While at the Greater Mesilla Valley Balloon club fly-in I had the chance during the second day to concentrate on photography instead of flying.   The following series of photographs shows the progression from my initially processed photo to the one I posted for the assignment and the progression through 2 sets of critiques.


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