A not so funny thing happened on the way to Driggs

R-Pod, Forest River, travel trailerYou never want to see your trailer in front of you but we did.  This all began with a long slow drive in stop and go traffic on the north side of Salt Lake.  It was so slow and so hot that we had to stop on the shoulder of highway 15 to keep from overheating.  Once we finally made it to the exit, which they were forcing everyone to take, we stopped at a fruit stand to get cherries.  When we turned around we saw this…

R-Pod, Forest River, travel trailer

R-Pod, Forest River, travel trailer

R-Pod, Forest River, travel trailer

The tongue was cracked on one side and bent on the other leaving the trailer inches from the ground.  It was a good thing we were stuck in traffic and driving at a crawl and that we stopped for cherries or we could have had the entire thing break including propane lines getting together with sparking metal creating a fireball.  After lots of phone calls and help from some local friends we found a place that could fix it within 20 miles and luckily we were able to find a towing company that would move our R-Pod without requiring a pilot car and special height permit.  The general consensus from the dealer and the repair place was that it shouldn’t have happened but neither the manufacture, Forest River, or the company they purchase the frames from wants to do anything about it.  When asked if it was overloaded the repair guy said it wasn’t, it was that they used cheap metal.

R-Pod, Forest River, travel trailer

So now it is at least twice as strong, at least that part is.  We already had the welds on the rear bike rack receiver break on a previous trip destroying the bike rack and one bike completely which is why they were moved up front.  The cross support from the bike rack probably saved the tongue from a complete collapse when it hit the front of the trailer.  After this I certainly don’t have much confidence in the rest of the construction anymore.

We still made it to the Teton Balloon Rally in our old style of travel by the dog having to share the back seat with the luggage.  She wan’t very happy but we could at least drive faster without the trailer.

Once again our friends came through for us and gave us a place to stay.


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