First stop on 2016 walk-about

Selfie at Calico Ghost Town

Selfie at Calico Ghost Town

As usual getting out of town took longer than hoped and we didn’t make it as far as planned.  Instead of camping at Valley of Fire, K’Ehleyr and I stopped at Calico Ghost Town.  It is an old silver mining town established in 1881 only to be abandoned in the mid-1890’s when silver values dropped.  In its 12 year span it produced over $20 million in silver ore.

As I was walking around the mostly empty campground I wanted to show the desolation and ended up creating a selfie of mine and K’Ehleyr’s shadows.

Not having much time with a long drive still ahead and the heat rapidly increasing I didn’t do exploring except to drive up to the old cemetery.  It seems the ground was too hard to dig into and the grave sites consisted of piles of stones.

Calico Ghost TownCalico Ghost TownCalico Ghost Town


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