Eyes to the Sky in Salina Utah

The first official stop during this summer’s walk-about was the balloon rally in Salina, Utah.  The drive from Calico Ghost Town to Salina took longer than expected with construction in the Virgin River Gorge and at Cedar City so by the time K’Ehleyr and I arrived, minus an hour for entering mountain time, we headed straight to the pilot check-in and sponsor dinner at the city park where the cotton woods where blowing so much cotton it looked like snow.  That is not a good sight for people with allergies like me.

Salina, Utah
Redmond Lake

Salina is one of those places where you can’t judge the weather at the hotel, it is always windy there.  In fact it is sometimes still windy at the field but the closer you get to Redmond Lake the slower the wind gets so the experience I gained from windy, sunset launches in Del Mar all those years ago comes in handy in Salina.
Friday and Saturday were mostly typical conditions, we headed out to the lake and all the balloons found fields to land in.  Most of the hay came in early this year so finding cut and bailed fields was not hard but there was a bit of flooding to watch out for.
Salina, Utah
On Sunday a front decided to park itself over the area and the forecast kept the balloons on the ground.

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