Post Salina and Panguitch

swollen leg
The days after the Salina rally went by quickly. All my plans to go somewhere scenic and focus on photography got set aside after K’Ehleyr sprained her leg. Sunday afternoon was an emergency trip to the vet in Richfield who was kind enough to take time away from his family on Father’s day to see us, thanks Dr. Johnson. Once knowing it was just a sprain and not some more serious condition my mind was more at ease but K’Ehleyr is on 2-3 weeks rest. One day in Richfield quickly became 3 days. The best perk of having a nomadic life 10 weeks of the year is the friends we acquire throughout the country which made the days fly by as I had a chance to visit and K’Ehleyr had a chance to rest and get fed many treats.
Not only did our friends take great care of us but they are also talented artists who create carvings from found wood and antlers as well as pairing the carvings with hand-woven baskets. Check out their Ebay store and soon I hear there will be an Etsy store as well.
Block headWednesday, K’Ehleyr and I hit the road again towards Panguitch to meet up with Ernie and for the next rally.
Panguitch balloon rally
The Panguitch Rally has been going on for 17 years now and for the last 10 it has had the same organizer, this year that changed but aside from a new face everything went as smoothly as it always does. Friday had light winds and some balloon landed back at the launch site.  Unfortunately for some sponsors who couldn’t make it out on Sunday the 1 day of questionable weather was Saturday also known as sponsor day.  The winds continued throughout the Saturday night glow turning it into a candlestick instead of a glow, which means the burners were lit but no balloon fabric was put at risk.  Sunday our sponsors returned and had a nice flight with a splash and dash included.
Panguitch balloon glow

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