Hopper event in Fort Collins

WHI 20160821-IMG_0509
Our last event for the summer was the ‘Hopper get together in Fort Collins this morning.  There were 5 hoppers, 1 from Montana, 3 from Colorado and us from California.  Of course the winds didn’t do what the forecast predicted so everyone mostly headed towards town, but all found good places to land.  I was in a traditional basket balloon to take photos but given we weren’t as small and needed a larger place to land we ended up leaving the hoppers behind and going to 9000’ to get away from town and landed next to a corn field.

WHI 20160821-IMG_0510 WHI 20160821-IMG_0515 WHI 20160821-IMG_0532
The date and location for next year’s event has been set for August 19-20th in Driggs, ID.  Just before the solar eclipse which will be seen in totality from this location August 21st.

View inside the TARDIS
View inside the TARDIS

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