Walkabout 2017

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r-pod and truck with toys

My apologies to all my readers who have voiced complaints about not getting to live vicariously through my posts because I haven’t been posting.  This will get you caught up.

Abstract (fancy name for Reader’s Digest version):

So far the trip has been drive 13 hours to balloon camp in Truckee, balloon, eat, talk about ballooning, eat, talk some more eat some more sleep a little get up early and repeat for 4 days then drive another marathon 12 hours to Panguitch, lose an hour entering MST and balloon for 3 more days including getting my flight review in a racer. (thanks Kent)!
After a short drive to Red Canyon to sleep in the smoke from the Brianhead fire for 1 night then more driving for 2 days to get to Driggs, ID to help get the last minute stuff for that balloon rally and then fly 4 days and tether 1 and 1 candlestick over the 2 day rally.  (Not a typo, the rally was Sat-Sun but we flew Fri.-Mon. and tethered for 2.5 hrs. in the morning and candlesticked in the evening on Tue.) Most of the days after flying were spent sleeping or sitting on the deck with little energy to do more than enjoy the valley.
Two more days of driving to arrive in Kalispell where things did slow down as we visited with friends and Martok got his first power boat ride on Flathead Lake.  Then it was across the border to Canada and Waterton Lakes National Park to meet up with friends from San Diego, go hiking, hide from lots of rain and see lots of bears and deer that walk through the camp.
After Canada was another day and a half driving to Riverton for 1 flight and 2 candlesticks which would have brought us up to present time sitting at Worthen Meadows for a couple days of being mosquito bait and a little rain except I didn’t post this while in Casper like I should have so more has happened.
The Casper rally was too much wind, then almost too much wind and then 1 good day.  Then more driving for almost 3 days to get back up to Banff.  Found a camp after a couple were full, tried to move to Yoho National Park but all the camps there were full so spent we 2 days by Waterfowl Lake in northern Banff then off to 2 days in Jasper and 2 days in Edmonton to visit friends and have some really good ice-cream.
Yes, they let us back in the country and 3 days of driving to get to Craig, CO by way of Yellowstone where we saw absolutely NO wildlife.
First day of Craig was no flying but we tethered the hopper on the field and stinky dog got a bath, more tethering on the second day as well.  Now up to present day and I will back-fill the details and photos with hopefully a bit more (or at least some) regularity in the future.

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