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2018 CD-case Calendars

2018 CD-case Calendars

Wow, I have been creating these calendars for 12 years now!  A couple of years ago I almost stopped but was encouraged to continue so here they are again.

In an effort to make this easier for people I’ve set up Paypal buttons so people can purchase them directly from this page.  They are also available at my Online Store and of course you can still get them from me in person and I’m happy to deliver when possible.
Prices are the same as last year, $10 each or if you only need a refill it is $7.  My version of WordPress doesn’t let me include drop-down options for the buttons so I have separate buttons for the different options, calendar with a case, a refill (without case), and if you need shipping for either please select one of those buttons which will ask for your address as well help cover the cost of shipping.
All calendars are printed to order.  You can contact me directly to order or if you choose to use paypal let me know which theme you want in the instructions to seller section or  email me with that information.

Paypal buttons:

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Buy Now ButtonBuy Now Button

Balloons (best seller)

Scenic and Wildlife



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