2020 CD-case balloon calendar

2020 CD-case balloon calendar

Once again I have created a hot air balloon calendar for the new year. They are a collection of hot air balloon photographs from the year which fit in a standing CD case. If you have purchased before and your case is in good working order then please order a refill. This planet doesn’t need more plastic. If you do need a case I’m happy to sell you the complete unit.

All of the calendars are printed to order and hand cut so give me some time to get it done and delivered.

This year’s photographs

Balloon Calendar With Case $10
Balloon Calendar Refill only $8

If you don’t need me to ship your order then send me an email to let me know what you need so I can have it ready for you. If you use the paypal buttons above you will be charged shipping. Thank you to all my continuing clients.

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