A unique opportunity

This summer walk-about has been different from previous ones since we are spending most of our time in Teton Valley, Idaho.  An unexpected visitor brought us news that a group of balloonists have been invited to fly over Devil’s Tower National Monument. A couple of phone calls later and we were included on the list.  We just needed to drive across all of Wyoming to get there.  The weather looked like we would only get one of the two days to fly but not knowing if we would have another chance we hit the road.
We arrived late Sunday night to the KOA next to the Tower and dropped the R-Pod.  The next morning we met with the other pilots and headed to a private field next to the tower owned by our hosts Ogden and Zannie Driskill.  The winds shifted a bit and the balloons missed going over the tower but they still got awesome views as they passed by.  Most landed in another field owned by our hosts.
The rest of the day was food, sleep, visit, more food, more sleep and up the next morning to fast winds and no flying.  I was not surprised, it was in the forecast but balloonists go kick the dirt anyway just in case.  Off to get more food then hit the road for the 11 hours back to Driggs.  A long way for a 30 minute flight but sometimes you have to grab an opportunity when you can.
Here is a collections of photos from the trip.

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