Two of the Wyoming balloon rally trifecta

ballooning in Riverton
Wyoming has three summer balloon rallies starting with the Riverton Rendezvous followed the next weekend by the Casper Balloon Roundup and the following weekend by the Cody Wild West Balloon Fest. We only attended the first two and headed to Craig, CO instead of Cody.
All of Riverton’s 3 flights got off but the surface winds did pick up for some leading to some quick landings. The glow was cancelled due to wind but the Main Street candlestick was a success.
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Casper had 2 good days of flying with Sunday being cancelled because the surface winds were forecasted to pick up.  The also had a main street candlestick glow which was a huge crowd pleaser.  In between balloon activities many of the pilots and crew got a chance to float the North Platte River which ended up at our hotel and a trip to the hot tub.

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