Red Rock Balloon Rally

Red Rock Balloon Rally

We once again made our annual trek to the cold of Gallup in December for the 36th Red Rock Balloon Rally.  Weather didn’t cooperate the first 2 days at the rocks.  The first day all the wind was headed towards Fort Wingate where the military was blowing up things, so we didn’t fly but a few balloons in town were able to have nice flights in other directions.  The second day no one was able to fly but the third day paid for all.  I had the opportunity to go up as a passenger so all I had to do was take photos, here is a selection of them.  Clicking on anyone of them will get you into a slide show so you can see them all full size.

All of these were edited using the new MacPhun program Luminar.  I have been searching for an Aperture replacement since Apple stopped supporting it and think I found what I was looking for.  It still needs an asset manager but they say they are working on it.

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  1. Hi Jenny ….Terrific…was this before or after our Christmas together?? Wonderful shots…Could a balloon get damaged by rubbing against some of the canyon walls?? Some look like they were??

  2. Normally balloons don’t want to contact the fabric portion of the aircraft with objects. In the case of these sandstone cliffs it isn’t a problem. They are so smooth that it is common to see balloon safely sliding along them.

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